Many new highlights have been added to the original art session of the ComicLink Fall Featured Auction preview. There is still time to sell art in this major auction, which begins on November 17, 2020. ComicLink is seeking exceptional examples to promote alongside the highlights below.

Those interested in selling can email buysell@comiclink.com or call the sales department at (617) 517-0062 (option 1). Upfront cash advances are often available upon receipt of consignments.

One significant piece of artwork added this week to the original art session is the historic page from Silver Surfer #44 featuring the first appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet. This dramatic page rendered by Ron Lim is the culmination of the scene in which Thanos first gathers the six Infinity Gems and places them on his gloved hand.

Some other highlights of the upcoming original art session are:

  • the historic Barry Windsor-Smith splash from the famous 1991 Wolverine origin story, “Weapon X,” which was originally published as a key splash page within Marvel Comics Presents #81, and was later the cover to the collected hardcover and paperback editions of Weapon X, and more
  • a key George Pérez page from Infinity Gauntlet #1 where Thanos first declares his plan to kill half of the universe
  • also from Infinity Gauntlet #1 is a page featuring Doctor Strange and Wong in the Sanctum Sanctorum
  • an historic page from Detective Comics #411 where Batman meets Talia Al Ghul for the first time by Bob Brown and Dick Giordano
  • Jim Lee Batman #610 page from the epic Hush saga with the Dark Knight in the Batmobile and WildC.A.T.S. #1 cover from 2006 inked by Scott Williams

Some of the newest original art items just added to the auction preview include:

  • John Romita Jr. Uncanny X-Men #208 page with Rogue, Kitty, Colossus, and Storm battling Selene and the Hellfire Club
  • Michael Allred Fractured Fables cover and All-New Doop #1 cover
  • Erik Larsen Amazing Spider-Man #324 half splash with Sabretooth, Captain America, and Silver Sable
  • John Buscema Avengers #265 page with Captain America being held prisoner by the Beyonder from Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars
  • Walt Simonson Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #237 page with Shrinking Violet and Shadow Lass battling Princess Projectra
  • John Byrne Untold Legends of Batman #1 page of Bruce Wayne’s collage years, plus Jim Aparo inks
  • Greg Capullo Spawn #19 and #57 pages with Spawn in action
  • Michael Choi Witchblade #80 variant cover
  • Ian Churchill Titans East Special splash with a team portrait-like image
  • Darwyn Cooke Wolverine/Doop #1 splash with a large image of the Doopster
  • Gene Day Master of Kung Fu #104 page with Shang-Chi in action
  • Steve Ditko Legion of Super-Heroes #281 page
  • Adi Granov Iron Man #4 page from the highly acclaimed “Extremis” saga
  • Mike Grell Green Arrow #30 cover with a strong portrait cover and Warlord #39 double-page splash with the Warlord and Shakira being attacked in the air
  • Bryan Hitch Multiversity #1 variant cover, a tribute the famous 1961 story “Flash of Two Worlds”
  • Rick Leonardi Cloak and Dagger #1 page with the duo from their first self-titled adventure
  • Josh Middleton Supergirl #47 cover with Supergirl and her mother, Alura
  • Ryan Ottley Invincible #127 cover where Invincible and Atom Eve attend a festive celebration
  • Stan Sakai Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo cover
  • Mike Zeck Marvel Super-Heroes: Secret Wars #12 page where Colossus mourns for his dead alien love and Reed Richards sends the X-Men back to Earth

Other art offerings in the auction preview include:

  • Ron Wilson Master of Kung-Fu #21 cover with Shang-Chi in Bronze Age martial arts action
  • Sal Buscema Sub-Mariner #35 half splash with Hulk battling Thor from the epic “Defenders Prelude” saga, plus a page from #34 with Namor and the Silver Surfer
  • José Luis García-López Wonder Woman #235 cover battle with hulked-out Steve Trevor
  • Olivier Coipel Siege #4 cover portrait of the New Avengers and the Young Avengers
  • Francesco Mattina Dark Nights: Metal #3 cover featuring the Batman Who Laughs
  • J. Scott Campbell Black Cat #3 variant cover and a Christmas-themed pin-up
  • Mark Bagley Spider-Man #25 cover with Spidey taking the power of the Phoenix and New Warriors #4 cover with the team facing the Psionex
  • Adam Hughes #900 variant cover with Superman bursting through chains
  • David Finch Batman: The Dark Knight #2 with Batman vs. a hulked-out Two-Face
  • Kerry Gammill Marvel Fanfare #31 cover with Captain America vs. the Yellow Claw
  • John Byrne Action Comics #832 page with Superman taking Lois for a flight
  • Art Adams Longshot #2 title splash
  • Neal Adams Detective Comics #407 page 1 with Batman
  • Kevin Maguire and Art Adams Godzilla #6 cover
  • George Pérez New Teen Titans #37 page with the team teaming up with Batman and the Outsiders
  • Kevin Maguire Supergirl #32 (2019) cover with Supergirl and Superboy (Jon Kent) vs. Zod
  • Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra illustration
  • Marc Silvestri Cyberforce #3 double-page splash inked by Scott Williams
  • Herb Trimpe Transformers #26 cover introducing the Mechanic
  • Barry Windsor-Smith Solar, Man of the Atom #2 and #4 pages from Solar’s origin saga
  • Francis Manapul Superman/Batman #60 cover
  • Paul Pope Batman 100 #1 pages
  • James Koop Hellboy painting
  • Don Heck Detective Comics #411 page 1 title splash with Batgirl
  • David Mack Kabuki - Volume 1: Circle of Blood cover
  • Art Nichols Magnus, Robot Fighter #5 cover, a rarely available early Valiant cover
  • Alex Toth Brave and the Bold #53 twice-up page from the early Silver Age featuring the Atom in action
  • Michael Turner Fathom #13 page with Vana
  • Russ Heath Sea Devils #9 twice-up page from the early Silver Age featuring DC's aquatic adventurers
  • Greg and Tim Hildebrandt Black Widow painted card art the from the Marvel Masterpieces 1994 Fleer Base Trading Card #9
  • John McCrea Demon #55 cover, a tribute to Joe Kubert
  • Wally Wood Sally Forth #S31 strip
  • Greg Capullo Spawn pages from #19 and #57, both with Spawn
  • Steven Hughes Lady Death #4 splash with an epic battle scene
  • Skottie Young Ant-Man #1 variant cover
  • Rafael Grampa Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 variant cover of a detailed ninja battle scene
  • David Finch Wonder Woman illustration
  • Goseki Kojima Lone Wolf and Cub illustration featuring Cub
  • Brett Booth Backlash #6 cover
  • Marc Silvestri Cyberforce #3 double-page splash inked by Scott Williams
  • Jim Valentino Guardians of the Galaxy #4 double-page splash title page with Starhawk and the dramatic title, “...And Then Came the Firelord!”

The auction will have some rare Golden Age original art like:

  • Manny Stallman Witches Tales #25 complete five-page pre-code horror story entitled “Monopoly”
  • Joe Doolin Planet Comics #24 page featuring Mars, the God of War
  • Howard Sherman All Star Comics #14 page with Doctor Fate battling German soldiers during WWII from a Justice Society of America adventure
  • Paul Reinman All-American Comics #55 page with the original Green Lantern
  • Jerry Grandenetti Rangers Comics #53 page

ComicLink’s auction schedule, auction previews, and results realized in prior auctions can be seen on their website.