eMoviePoster has completed their 21st Annual Halloween Auction, which contained 679 horror and sci-fi items of all kinds. The three-part auction ended with a total of $207,596 in sales.

Part I featured 170 mostly US linen-backed posters, totaling $85,277. Part II contained 233 horror and sci-fi items of all kinds, closing at $73,835. Part III with 276 horror and sci-fi lobby cards and stills, cleared $48,484.

Individual highlights were Forbidden Planet linen-backed one-sheet for $12,888, Werewolf of London window card for $5,510, Night of the Living Dead British quad for $4,700, Invasion of the Saucer Men linen-backed one-sheet for $3,615, Star Wars style C international one-sheet for $2,960, Jaws insert for $2,600, Texas Chainsaw Massacre British quad for $1,927, Day the Earth Stood Still title card for $1,901, and I Walked with a Zombie style A three-sheet for $1,788.