Alamo Drafthouse is a chain of movie theaters known for their viewing experiences, including serving food and zero tolerance for talking or texting during showings. They are also known for Mondo limited edition movie prints that sell out quickly and often skyrocket in price on the secondary market.

Alamo Drafthouse, like all movie theaters, is having a difficult year due to the pandemic. That is why Alamo Drafthouse co-founder and Executive Chairman Tim League decided to hold an auction of Mondo prints from his personal collection, for the first time. A total of nearly 2,000 Mondo limited edition prints will be offered, including many long unavailable.

The auction is being held in partnership with eMoviePoster where it will run on their website from November 29 through December 13, 2020. The auction will be held using eMoviePoster’s standard procedures, which include no reserves, $1 starting bids, no buyer’s premiums, and time-extended auctions where each lot must go five minutes from the end time without a bid before it closes.

“This is the first ever extensive Mondo poster auction,” League said. “The depth and variety of this offering will likely never be duplicated again. If you ever wanted a rare Mondo poster from the vault, this is the opportunity. Everything in the auction is, of course, certified original and in mint or near mint condition. Each poster will be meticulously inspected and graded prior to the auction by the eMoviePoster.com team. If you’ve always wanted a Mondo poster but haven’t been able to get one, this is your unique chance to get it.”

“Cinemas across the country are facing extraordinarily financial hardships. We are legally unable to open many of our venues, where we can open capacity is significantly reduced, our product – the supply of blockbuster films – has evaporated, and our debt from accrued rent during closure continues to mount. We are therefore looking for unique ways to stay afloat and survive until normalcy returns,” League said

“I am personally reaching out to our film-loving communities and asking for assistance. These next four to six months are critical and the proceeds from this auction will help immensely. If you are a Mondo collector, if you have a movie fan in your life who would like something unique under the Christmas tree this year, or if you have never purchased one of our prints before, we invite everyone to explore the incredible history of nearly 15 years of beautiful poster design in this auction,” League added.

According to eMoviePoster, 100% of the proceeds from the sale will go towards paying staff of the Alamo Drafthouse and paying debt and expenses accrued during the COVID-19 closures. eMoviePoster has cut their commission rates to help the cause.

Below are just a few highlights from this upcoming auction, including rare original posters from Attack Peter, Shepherd Fairey, Aaron Horkey, Olly Moss, and Tyler Stout.

Those interested in bidding in this auction must first register on eMoviePoster’s website.