Hake’s Auctions is seeking consignments of pop culture and Americana memorabilia for auctions throughout 2021.

“Reach out to us now! We are receiving consignments on a daily basis, making now the time to reserve your space in the upcoming auction,” Hake’s President Alex Winter said. “Hake’s has 54 years of experience in the collectibles auction industry that we will use to promote and sell your consignments.”

Hake’s encourages consignors to contact them before committing to selling items elsewhere because they will match or beat offers for the right items.

They are seeking pop culture and Americana material from multiple collecting categories, including original comic art (covers and pages), high grade and key comic books from all eras, political items, Star Wars and superhero action figures, vintage Disneyana from the 1930s, movie posters, concert posters, and sports cards and related memorabilia.

Since 1967, Hake’s has set the standard for researching and marketing collectibles, as America’s first collectibles auction house. Their catalogs and website, combined with their cutting edge marketing, ensure that material will be seen by worldwide clientele. Select pieces are candidates for being featured on the catalog cover, guaranteeing maximum exposure. This combination continues to set world record prices in every auction and Hake’s wants consignors’ treasured collectibles to be the next record breaker.

To ensure that consignments are not forced to compete against similar pieces, they limit the number of like items offered in each auction, maximizing the potential for interest in your items.

Hake’s promotes consignments across multiple platforms – print ads (including exclusive advertising in Diamond Comic Distributors’ PREVIEWS catalog), internet and social media campaigns, in Scoop, as well as in-person appearances at pop culture conventions.

Contact Hake’s today to learn about special rates for exceptional collectibles and about securing a spot for consignments in their next auction.

“Call or email me today about the items you’d like to sell. It’s important that we receive auction items as soon as possible, to provide ample time to promote your consignments,” Hake’s Consignment Manager Kelly McClain said. “We are already working on our next auction and want to add your quality material to it.”

For more information on consigning, email McClain at mkelly@hakes.com or Americana Specialist Scott Mussell at mscott@hakes.com. They can also be reached by calling toll free (866) 404-9800, ext. 1636 (for McClain) and ext. 1628 (for Mussell).

Comic Art Specialist Sean Rutan can be reached at comicart@hakes.com, Comic Book Consultant Tom Gordon at comicart@hakes.com, Comic Art Consultant and Artist Representative Gary Guzzo at garyguzzo@gmail.com, and Sports Consultant Philip Garry at sports@hakes.com.

Hake’s President Alex Winter can be reached at walex@hakes.com and Hake’s founder Ted Hake at hted@hakes.com.