ComicLink is still accepting original comic and fantasy art consignments to auction alongside the many highlights within the upcoming Winter Featured Auction. Placement in the auction can be reserved by viewing the auction schedule or reaching out to the ComicLink sales team by emailing buysell@comiclink.com or calling (617) 517-0062.

Art already displayed within the Featured Auction original art preview includes:

  • John Romita Amazing Spider-Man #91 cover with Spider-Man and supporting cast
  • Steve Ditko Captain Atom #80 cover, twice-up
  • Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men #276 splash with Wolverine and Superman #205 page
  • George Pérez page from Infinity Gauntlet #1 where Thanos reveals his plan to destroy half of the universe, #2 page with Doctor Doom, Warlock, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange, and Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 page featuring the end of Earth-Three and its evil version of the JLA
  • Todd McFarlane Spider-Man #11 Spidey splash and Incredible Hulk #345 page
  • Neal Adams Brave and the Bold #81 page with Batman and the Flash
  • Ross Andru Brave and the Bold #90 complete interior with Batman and Adam Strange
  • Dick Ayers Sgt. Fury #40 page 1 title splash
  • Stephen Bissette and John Totleben Saga of the Swamp Thing pages from #17 and #25
  • John Bolton Batman/Joker: Switch #1 page
  • Berkeley Breathed Bloom County daily from December 19, 1988 featuring Opus the Penguin
  • Bob Brown and Dick Giordano Detective Comics #411 finale page from the first Talia story
  • Sal Buscema Spectacular Spider-Man #172 title splash with Spidey
  • J. Scott Campbell Gen 13 #5 half splash with Caitlin Fairchild
  • Dave Cockrum Nightcrawler #1 page with Kurt, Kitty, Illyana, and Lockheed
  • Olivier Coipel Siege #2 double-page splash
  • Tony Daniel Amazing Spider-Man #36 cover of the web-slinger
  • Alan Davis Batman and the Outsiders #31 cover featuring Looker
  • Dick Dillin Justice League of America #103 page with the JLA and the Phantom Stranger and #162 title splash
  • David Finch New Avengers #1 two-page splash where Electro frees imprisoned villains
  • Mike Grell Warlord #28 page with a large image of Travis Morgan
  • Gilbert Hernandez Love and Rockets #35 page
  • Bob Kane Batman and Robin illustration
  • Sam Kieth Maxx: Maximized #13 cover
  • Rob Liefeld New Mutants #89 page
  • Ron Lim Infinity Gauntlet #5 page with Thanos and Mephisto
  • Joe Madureira Excalibur: XX Crossing page with Nightcrawler
  • Clay Mann Gambit #1 complete 20-page interior
  • Jeff Matsuda Uncanny X-Men #349 cover with Psylocke vs. Maggott
  • John McCrea Hitman #45 cover with Tommy and Natt vs. pterodactyls
  • Ed McGuinness Superman/Batman #23 splash with Superman and Metron of the New Gods finding Darkseid in the Source Wall
  • Tony Moore Fear Agent #11 cover
  • Paul Ryan Avengers #315 cover, a unique design with guest star Spider-Man
  • Tim Sale pages from Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory
  • Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra: Assassin #1 cover recreation and Elektra #24 cover recreation
  • Joe Simon Unearthly Spectaculars #2 cover, a Silver Age twice-up with Jack Q. Frost
  • Steve Skroce X-Man #7 cover with X-Man drained by Selene
  • Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson pages from Superman #236
  • Frank Thorne Red Sonja #1 page 1 title splash
  • George Tuska and Bill Everett Iron Man #54 page from Moondragon’s first appearance
  • Ethan Van Sciver DC: Birthright #1 splash where Wally West appears in the Batcave after five years

In addition to comic books and original art related to comic, strips, gaming, and fantasy, the firm is seeking other certified and authenticated collectibles including trading cards (sports/non-sports), coins, video games, toys, sports/historical/entertainment memorabilia and more.  

In addition to auctioning items for consignors, ComicLink is also always accepting new sellers for the ComicLink exchange marketplaces, brokering private placement deals, and buying outright.