ComicConnect’s Original Art Auction is now open, featuring a large selection of original art highlights.

“From the earliest days of comics all the way up to modern masters, the variety in this auction is exceptional. While the headline is the Spider-Man pieces, Ditko’s page 2 from Amazing Spider-Man #18 and Amazing Spider-Man #39 page 19 by John Romita, there’s so much more to choose from,” Vincent Zurzolo, ComicConnect’s COO and curator of Metropolis Gallery said.

From the early 1900s, they have two Sunday pages by comic strip pioneer Winsor McCay from the series, Dream of the Rarebit Fiend. In addition, there’s the final page splash by Stephen Platt from Marc Spector: Moon Knight #60, a John Byrne page from Wolverine #17 (his first issue on the title), early pages by George Pérez including two on one art board from Creatures on the Loose #35 and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #7 page 4 (inked by Neal Adams).

Art highlights also include a page from Detective Comics #480 by Don Newton, plus an assortment of pages by Chris Bachalo from Shade the Changing Man, New X-Men #144, X-Men #363, a splash page from Amazing Spider-Man #576, and pieces by Kevin Eastman and Seth Fisher.

ComicConnect is actively seeking original art for their next auction. Micah Spivak can be reached at michas@comicconnect.com for assistance with a collection. Appointments can be made by calling (212) 260-4147.