eMoviePoster’s Sunday auction contains over 650 bulk lots filled with 22,058 items. In the bulk lot auctions, eMoviePoster sells the last inventory of several large stores and poster exchanges. Items can and do often sell for a fraction of their retail prices.

There are multiple lobby card groups, including lots of 30-360 cards (1940s-1990s), a lot of 46 horror/sci-fi (1950s-1970s), lots of 45-88 western (1940s-1960s), a lot of 22-34 crime/detective (1940s), a lot of 4 Bob Hope/Bing Crosby (1941-1948), a lot of 132 rerelease serial (1950s), and a lot of 5 Three Stooges (1959-1962).

Title card groups are a lot of 55 cards (1950s) and lots of 38-44 serial (1950s).

Bulk lots of 8” x 10” images are a lot of 85 horror/sci-fi stills (1950s-1990s), a lot of 66 James Bond repro photos (1980s), and a lot of 70 horror/sci-fi repro photos (1980s).

One-sheet groups include lots of 49-153 folded (1960s-1980s), lots of 22-25 unfolded (1980s-2010s), and a lot of 62 folded horror/sci-fi/fantasy (1970s-1980s).

The variety of other bulk groups include a lot of 45 Universal masterprints (2001), lot of 7 travel posters, a lot of 22 Vitasert Chocolates die-cut Barbara Stanwyck display (1940s), a lot of 22 miscellaneous art posters (1960s-1980s), a lot of 18 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus commercial posters, a lot of 15 western inserts (1940s-1950s), and a lot of 7 large 40” x 60” (1960s-1970s).

Three surprising results from their June 8 auction were an Alien #39/85 Mondo art print for $2,337, Poltergeist #106/190 Mondo art print for $1,950, and a Back To The Future one-sheet for $1,055.

eMoviePoster has reported over $2.35 million in sales so far in 2021, putting them well ahead of their record-setting $6 million sales pace of 2020.

The final deadline for consignments to their July Major Auction is on June 14 and they are also already accepting consignments for the 22nd Annual Halloween Auction. Previews from both auctions and more on the consignment process are also available on their website.

They add around 3,500 items in their biweekly auctions every two weeks (every other Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday). Collectors interested in bidding with them can sign up on their registration page.