In 2015, George Miller reinvigorated his high octane, post-apocalyptic Mad Max film series with Mad Max: Fury Road. Now some of the striking vehicles, featuring everything from freakish weaponry to tactical gear to columns of speakers are heading to auction.

A total of 13 vehicles are being offered through Lloyds Classic Car Auctions of Australia. They include the War Rig, the Gigahorse, the Doof Wagon, the Nux Car, the Convoy Car: Elvis, the Convoy Car: Flamer, Razor Cola, Pole Car, Sabretooth, Fire Car, Caltrop: El Dorado, Buggy: Ratrod Chevy, and Buick: heavy artillery with Hummer weapon mount.

Among the memorable vehicles is the War Rig, an 18-wheeler mixed with a hot rod that was used to barter gas and weapons in the Wasteland.

The Doof Wagon is the traveling stage with mounted drummers, stacks of speakers, and just enough room for a man with a flaming guitar.

One of the recognizable vehicles is the Nux Car, a Chevy Coupe that Max was strapped to while barreling across the desert.

All of the vehicles can be viewed on the Lloyds Classic Car Auctions website. The auction is set to close on September 26, 2021.