Artist Boris Vallejo is lauded for his fantasy and science fiction paintings that have appeared on many novel and magazine covers, calendars, and movie posters. His style of hyperrealism blends well with the imaginative sci-fi and fantasy elements for beautiful, dramatic pieces.

In Hake’s Auction #233, they are offering five original, published Vallejo pieces, four of which are covers. All five original art pieces are double-matted oil on board, signed by Vallejo, and housed in frames.

The Heavy Metal magazine cover for the April 1984 issue depicts a scantily clad cyborg woman holding a large metal mace. It is housed in a 23” x 29” frame.

The Keepers of the Gate ’78 paperback cover in a 23-1/4” x 32-5/8” frame features four women seated in a circle. Two of the women are pulling at the skin on their faces; one revealing an elderly face underneath.

For the Flash Gordon: War of the Citadels ’80 paperback cover, Vallejo painted the sci-fi hero slashing an alien with his saber. It is in a 27-1/2” x 30-3/8” frame.

A muscular man and woman (modeled after Vallejo and fellow fantasy artist Julie Bell) fire projectiles at birds in the sky on the Fantasy Olympics – Archery ’87 calendar. This large piece is in a 28-3/4” x 44-5/8” frame.

The fifth piece in Hake’s auction is the Fantasy Zodiac “Scorpio” ’88 calendar. Housed in a 27” x 31” frame, the art shows a woman in an ornate bikini reclining on the back of a large scorpion.

Hake’s Auction #233 is now open for bidding at hakes.com until November 2-3, 2021.