Star Wars action figures, toys, and other memorabilia continue to perform well at Hake’s Auctions. Nearly 250 lots of Star Wars material were part of Hake’s $3.3 million auction on November 2-3, 2021, with many pieces landing on the list of top sellers.

A pair of highly sought toys led the Star Wars lots. The Millennium Falcon Spaceship AFA 80+ NM from 1979 soared to $42,834, exceeding the $35,000 estimate. This large toy is detailed with landing gear and entrance ramp, opening cockpit, secret hiding compartment, revolving radar dish, and laser gun and seats. Still in the original box, it is a scarcely found high grade factory sealed example.

The Luke Skywalker 12-back-A AFA 80 NM (double-telescoping, SKU on footer) also brought $42,834. This 3-3/4” figure comes with the double-telescoping lightsaber that features a second extendable section. Made for Kenner’s 1978 toy line, it is on an unpunched card.

The Empire Strikes Back action display stand prototype tripled its $5,000 estimate to sell for $15,720. The mock-up has a cardboard backdrop with the Death Star, X-Wings, and TIE Fighter. The stand has a white label strip for Rebel Commander, Dengar (Bounty Hunter), AT-AT Driver, Ugnaught, Leia Organa (Hoth Battle gear), Han Solo (Bespin Outfit), Yoda, Imperial Commander, Lobot, and 2-1B (Medical Droid).

Another early Luke Skywalker figure, the 12-back-A AFA 85 NM+ (SKU on footer), grabbed $14,278. This piece is a very rare and highest graded example of the figure with the SKU on footer.

The rare first shot Star Wars: Droids – Gaff first shot unpainted action figure AFA 85 NM+ hammered for $13,570. This yellow, orange, blue, and peach colored 4-1/2” tall figure was made for the proposed (but not produced) Series 2 set of figures based on Star Wars: Ewoks TV show.

Two items that surpassed their $10,000 estimates were a loose Darth Vader action figure double-telescoping AFA 75+ EX+/NM (Hong Kong version) that grabbed $12,651 and a Star Wars: Droids Boba Fett AFA 75 Y-EX+/NM with matching aluminum coin that hammered for $11,422.

A Return of the Jedi Skiff Guard (Weequay) 65-back-A proof card AFA 85 NM+ doubled its $5,000 estimate to realize $10,384. Return of the Jedi proof cards from the 1983 line are not often seen, making this unpunched card a rarity in the market.

All prices include the 18% buyer’s premium.

The top results from Part I and Part II are available on Hake’s website.