Hake’s action figure and toy online exclusive auction is overflowing with an eclectic mix of material from superhero gems to Saturday morning cartoon heroes. There are over 500 lots of mostly AFA- or CAS-graded items that are open for bids now through January 19, 2022.

Superhero lots are led by a Mego Batman 12-1/2” tall figure in the original window box (window still firmly attached). On the Marvel side, Hake’s is offering a Mattel Spain Secret Wars Constrictor Series 3 AFA 80 and an Iceman Series 3 AFA 70+ from the European exclusive release. Both come with a mini-catalog, shield, and flicker flasher inserts.

Top G.I. Joe lots include the Astro Viper Series 7 34-back AFA 80 on unpunched gray file card. There’s also a Storm Shadow Series 7 34-back carded figure on gray file card in Fine/Very Fine overall and a Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow loose figure CAS 80 that comes with the quiver backpack, bow, two samurai swords, and nunchuks accessories.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are represented by a Shredder Series 1 10-back AFA 75+ on unpunched card, Splinter Series 1 10-back CAS 75, and Foot Soldier Series 1 10-back CAS 75.

The desirable Transformers material includes a Headmaster Skullcruncher in box, which has been opened and resealed, but the Transformer alligator is still sealed in the inner blister. Others are the Insecticon Shrapnel Generation 1 factory sealed in box and a Decepticon Leader Megatron in box.

Wrestling action figures include a Hasbro WWF Wrestling Million Dollar Man/Ted Dibiase figure on card and a WCW Butch Reed “Doom” action figure on card.

Outside of action figures, the auction includes a Kiss vintage 1978 factory sealed pencils set containing four pencils with images of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley.

The auction features multiple Superman pieces, like a 1954 classic metal lunchbox by Adco-Liberty Mfg. Corp. with an illustration of the Man of Steel fighting a giant robot. There’s a Superman Radio Transcription Disc original two-sided translucent dark red vinyl for programs #49-50 with 16” x 16” sleeve. Hake’s is also selling The Adventures of Superman 1942 hardcover book with dustjacket and Superman tie on punch-out store display card.

These and hundreds more items, including 300 Star Wars lots, are open for bidding at hakes.com.