The Hero Initiative has added six new pieces of original art and sketches to eBay. The new material includes Jeffrey Brown’s Luke Skywalker on Hero Drink & Draw coaster, Mark Texeira’s Lord of the Rings art, Dave Taylor’s Judge Dredd: Megatropolis #6 page 7 original art, Taylor’s Judge Dredd: Wastelands #1 page 2 original art, R.B. Silva’s Action Comics #894 page 27 original art, and Ivan Reis and Danny Miki’s Detective Comics #1048 page 4 original art.

Hero is selling many other comic and art collectibles on eBay, such as the Walter Simonson signed W00tstout 2017 Stone Brewing print, The Bloodshot 50 Project, Stan’s Soapbox: The Collection, The Walking Dead 100 Project, Archie: 50 Times an American Icon, The New Avengers 100 Project, Hero challenge coins, and The Wonder Woman 100 Project.