ComicConnect is accepting consignments for upcoming auctions, including Event Auction #51.

ComicConnect offers cash advances that come with zero fees and no interest when you auction third party certified comics, original comic art, video games, or collectible cards. That means cash up front, at no cost, before we sell a single thing for you,” ComicConnect COO Vincent Zurzolo said. “The collectibles market is experiencing a period of incredible, unmatched growth and this is an ideal time for you to sell some or even all of your collection. ComicConnect makes it incredibly easy to reap the rewards of all of your hard work.”

ComicConnect has already consigned some of the rarest, most sought-after comics and collectibles to Event Auction #51 including a copy of Action Comics #1, Batman #1, Captain America Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, Marvel Comics #1, a complete Marvel Mystery run, Superman #1 and nearly every desirable key in the hobby.

Consignors can receive advances towards the sale of their collection by calling or emailing ComicConnect’s Director of Consignments Rob Reynolds at robr@comicconnect.com or toll free (888) 779-7377.