eMoviePoster’s Sunday auction that ends July 10, 2022, contains 1,118 bulk lots filled with 25,625 items. In their bulk lot auctions, eMoviePoster sells the last inventory of several large stores and poster exchanges, and lots of the posters can and do sell for far less than their retail prices. For this auction, they are offering complete sets of the Cochran EC reprints, plus many vintage comic lots, rare pulp magazines, and more.

The EC reprints include a lot of 27 Crime SuspenStories reprints and a lot of 36 New Direction reprints. The pulps and comics feature a lot of 8 Dime Mystery Magazines (1930s), a lot of 4 pulp magazines (1930s-1950s), a lot of 7 mystery and detective pulp magazines (1940s-1950s), a lot of 11 giveaway comic books (1950s-1970s), and a lot of 32 Haunted Horror Craig Yoe comics.

There are lots of 17-82 one-sheets (1940s-1980s), a lot of 17 half-sheets (1950s), a lot of 77 horror, sci-fi, and fantasy lobby cards (1950s-1980s), lots of 9-26 horror and sci-fi one-sheets (1960s-1980s), and lots of 54-59 Kung Fu one-sheets (1970s-1980s).

International examples include a lot of 28 Italian one-panels (1970s-2010s), lots of 23-26 French one-panels (1960s-1990s), a lot of 160 Australian daybills (1960s-1980s), a lot of 115 Walt Disney & Family Australian daybills (1960s-2000s), and a lot of 12 Swiss museum art exhibit posters (1970s-1980s).

eMoviePoster is offering a lot of 45 western lobby cards (1930s-1950s), a lot of 15 MGM Western pressbooks (1940s-1970s), and a lot of 38 John Wayne stills (1950s-1970s).

They also have a lot of 55 David Bowie limited edition picture disc records (1984) and a lot of 4 Birds radio spot records (1963).

eMoviePoster’s August Major Auction starts July 17 and they are currently accepting consignments to their 23rd Annual Halloween Auction. Details on consigning and a preview of the August Major Auction are available on their website and collectors interested in bidding with them can sign up on their registration page.