A high grade copy of NYX #3, a Jeffrey Catherine Jones’ Batman illustration, and a rare high grade copy of MegaMania are among the top lots in the current Heritage weekly auctions. The Comic Books Select Auction concludes on Sunday and Monday, February 12-13, 2023, the Video Games Mini-Boss Auction ends on Tuesday, February 14, and the Comic Art & Animation Auction closes on Wednesday, February 15.

The comic auction features NYX #3 CGC 9.8, which is one of the most valuable comics released in the 2000s. X-23 stars in the dark tale of teenage mutants in a story by former Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada.

Moving back to an older key, Heritage has MAD #1 CGC 5.0 that lampoons Golden Age horror, crime, Western, and sci-fi comics. Harvey Kurtzman provided the cover, stories, and much of the interior art, with assists by Wally Wood, Jack Davis, and John Severin.

An Al Milgrom Invisible Hulk activity book illustration leads the original art auction. The Green Goliath appears in a connect the dots drawing from a Marvel UK activity book. The ink over graphite art on Bristol board has an image area of 9-1/4” x 13-1/4”.

Another interesting art piece is Jeffrey Catherine Jones’ Batman illustration. It was created using oil on stretch canvas measuring around 16” x 16” and is signed by Jones in the lower left image area.

One of the highest graded copies of MegaMania WATA 9.6 A++ sealed (1982 burgundy box with UPC) for Atari is in the video game auction. According to Wata’s December 2022 pop report, there are only two examples of this variant that are graded higher.

Another rarity is Psychonauts WATA 9.6 A sealed (Gold Disc sweepstakes) for Xbox. It is one of only nine graded copies, according to Wata’s report.