In 1983, George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan introduced a new breed of character to the Star Wars universe that polarized fans. While some thought the Ewoks were adorable in Return of the Jedi, others had a more Han Solo-like reaction to the little furballs. The residents of the forest moon of Endor proved popular with kids, and two years later they got their own animated show, Star Wars: Ewoks.

Flashforward to today, and the Ewoks are some of the most valuable action figures. A pair of extremely rare Star Wars: Ewoks Series 2 first shot prototype sales samples for unproduced figures are listed in Hake’s Auction #237. The Chief Chirpa AFA 70 and Paploo AFA 70 figures were packaged as sales samples to show how the final product would display, but they were never produced.

The Chief Chirpa is a 2-3/4” fully painted figure with his staff and satchel bag, and Paploo is a 2-1/2” fully painted figure with his club and horn. Both are packaged with a mismatched B-Wing Pilot aluminum collector coin. The front of their cards features new, unique art for the unproduced figures with the back showing the Series 1 figures rather than updated art with the proposed Series 2 figures. To the best of Hake’s knowledge, these are the only two on card that have been graded.

The Ewok figures are joined in Hake’s premier auction by a cache of Star Wars collectibles, including action figures, playsets, video games, sealed VHS tapes, comics, and more. The entire auction of pop culture and Americana collectibles is open for bidding at hakes.com now through March 21-22, 2023.