MyComicShop’s July Prime Auction is now open for bids on more than 3,000 items. The auction contains an array of Silver Age Marvel keys signed by Stan Lee (the Amazing Spider-Man #1 also features a big “Excelsior!” in addition to the signature). There are more esoteric and hard to find books like the Malibu Sun #13 error edition which is the first published art of Spawn.

They have a copy of Foxhole #1 CGC 6.0, which was Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s gritty war series that touted itself as being produced by veterans. It is 1 of 36 copies registered in the CGC census and only four blue label copies are in higher grades. They are also offering original art, like Jerome Opeña’s Punisher #4 page 4 with an atmospheric half-splash of the brooding antihero.

The July Prime Auction closes next week on Monday through Friday, July 15-19, 2024. Pre-1960s lots close Monday, the 1960s-1970s lots close Tuesday and Wednesday, the 1980-2010 lots close Thursday, and the 2011 to current lots close Friday.