Catch the Wave

On June 14-16, 2019, HeroesCon is taking over the Charlotte Convention Center for three days of pop culture madness. The convention center is located on 501 South College Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Special guests attending the convention include Neal Adams (Batman: Odyssey), Dave Aikins (Spongebob Squarepants), Jim Amash (Jughead), Bill Amend (Foxtrot), Sergio Aragones (Groo the Wanderer), Robert Atkins (G.I. Joe), Paul Azaceta (Outcast), Duane Ballenger (Uptight), Darryl Banks (Green Lantern), John Beatty (Secret Wars), Thomas Boatwright (Zeke Deadwood), Craig Boldman (Archie Comics), Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol), Chad Bowers (Youngblood), Ben Caldwell (Prez), Richard Case (Spider-Man), Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown), Bridgit Connell (Brother Nash), Katie Cook (My Little Pony), Dave Dorman (Star Wars), Joey Ellis (Leaky Timbers), Marie Enger (Regression), Steve Epting (Captain America), Mark Evanier (New Gods), Ray Fawkes (Batman: Eternal), Michel Fiffe (Bloodstrike), Tom Grindberg (Silver Surfer), Tom Grummett (New Titans), Rob Guillory (Chew), Gene Ha (The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix), John Hairston Jr. (1962: The Age of Marvels), Bob Hall (West Coast Avengers), Billy Tucci (Shi), Craig Yoe (Yoe! Books) and Mike Zeck (Punisher). 

During the show, fans can browse through the over 10,000-square-foot Indie Island section located within the Artists Alley. This area features the finest from the worlds of indie comics, mini comics, webcomics, designers, printmakers, and more. Between various workshops, cosplay panels, and kid-friendly activities, fans, exhibitors, and creators alike are sure to find something to enjoy. 

The con is running Friday 11 AM to 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM. One-day passes are $25 for Friday, $25 for Saturday, and $20 for Sunday. A three-day pass is available for $50, while those 18 and under are admitted for free. 

For more information on the upcoming convention, or to purchase tickets, visit heroesonline.com/heroescon.