Catch the Wave

Journey down the rabbit hole into pop culture fun at Shore Leave 41! The annual convention is being held on July 12-14, 2019 at the Hunt Valley Inn on 245 Shawan Road in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Special guests attending the show include Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1), Lexa Doig (Andromeda), Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort, and John Glover (Smallville), Anson Mount and Ethan Peck (Star Trek: Discovery), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Alex Mallari (Dark Matter), Todd Brugmans (Heroic Park), Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Yesterday's Dreams), Rigel Ailur (Lady Pirates), Lorraine Anderson (Coffin Bones), Derek Tyler Attico (Strange New Worlds), Diane Lee Baron (Gal Wonder), Christopher L. Bennett (Star Trek: Ex Machina), T.A. Chafin (Starlog), John Coffren (Full-Throttle Space Tales), Russ Colchamiro (Crossline), Greg Cox (Child of Two Worlds), Kathleen David (Doctor Who: Quality of Leadership), Peter A. David (Vendetta), Keith R.A. DeCandido (Super City Cops), Mary Fan (Jane Colt), Kelli Fitzpatrick (Battlestar Galactica), Michael Jan Friedman (Ghost Hunting), Phil Giunta (Testing the Prisoner), Glenn Hauman (Farscape), Andrew Hiller (A Halo of Mushrooms), Heather E. Hutsell (A Ticket for Patience), Amy Imhoff (The X-Files), Jim Johnson (Star Trek Adventures), and David Mack (Cold Equations). 

Shore Leave 41 will feature writing workshops inviting attendees to learn how toimprove writing skills from some of the industry’s top writers. During the Stargazing event, marvel at the planets, stars and galaxies that are visible from the Baltimore area. At the Meet the Pros Party, author guests will meet fans and sign autographs in a fun, casual environment. In the game room, players can enjoy RPG’s, collectible card games, miniature war games, and more. There will also be numerous photo opportunities with special guests throughout the show, as well as fan-led panels and the Cosplay Masquerade. 

The con is running Friday 9 AM to 7 PM, Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday 9 AM to 1 PM. A one-day membership is $40 for Friday, $75 for Saturday, and $45 for Sunday. A teen membership (ages 13-17) is available for $55 with a children’s membership (ages 5-12) offered for $20. A full weekend membership is available for $95, while children under 5 are admitted for free. 

For more information on the upcoming convention, or to purchase tickets, visit shore-leave.com.