Catch the Wave

The Official Star Trek Convention will return on December 9-13, 2020 at Caesars Forum Conference Center, located at 3911 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV.  

The convention has 85 guests scheduled so far, including headliners William Shatner and Walter Koenig from The Original Series, Jeri Ryan (Voyager), Kelsey Grammar (Next Generation), and Doug Jones (Discovery).

There are lots of other guests from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, and Picard, along with even more guests that include writers, special effects creators, makeup artists, and more.

General admission for the whole event is $330 and there are several other packages available with more perks. Single day passes will be made available soon.

The full guest list, other info, and tickets are available on the Official Star Trek Convention website.