Catch the Wave

Creature Feature Weekend, the Gettysburg-based horror convention, returns on August 26-28, 2022. The con is returning to the Wyndham Gettysburg, located at 95 Presidential Circle in Gettysburg, PA.

Celebrity guests include Omri Katz, Vinessa Shaw, and Jason Marsden (Hocus Pocus), Tom Savini, Edwin Neal, and John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise), Tyler Labine (Reaper), Tim Cappello (The Lost Boys), P.J. Soles and John Michael Graham (Halloween), Peter Cowper (My Bloody Valentine), Kimberly Beck (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter), Mark Patton, Jack Sholder, and Beatrice Boepple (A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise), Kyle Labine (Freddy vs Jason), Greg Cohen and Alyssa Kempinski (The Velocipastor), and Bob Heckman and James Taffurelli (Victim No More).

Neal and Dugan will do in-costume photos and a live special effects demonstration, Boepple will do in-costume photos, Sholder and Patton will provide live commentary during a showing of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Tim Cappello will perform in concert, and J.R. and Gypsy will present the Karnevil Circus Sideshow.

Preshow ticket sales are $50 for the weekend, $25 for Friday, $30 for Saturday, and $20 for Sunday.

This event is sponsored by Scares That Care, Hake’s Auctions, and Gemstone Publishing. Ticket purchases and all the con details are available on the Creature Feature Weekend website.