Harrow County is a gothic horror comic that follows a teenage girl as she discovers the supernatural, and often creepy, aspects of her home. Created by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Tyler Crook, it was published at Dark Horse Comics and ran for 32 issues from 2015 to 2018.

It started as a serialized prose story called Countless Haints by Bunn that were released on his website. The story was revised to become the ongoing comic, Harrow County, renaming the character Madrigal to Emmy, moving the time period from the present to the 1930s, and changing the location from Ahmen’s Landing to Harrow County.

The comic begins with Emmy, who always suspected that the woods near her home were filled with ghosts and monsters. Just before her 18th birthday, Emmy discovers that she is connected to those creatures as well as the very land she lives on.

As the comic continues to develop, Emmy uncovers Harrow County’s unsettling history and creates a new connection with the land and the monsters. Other magical individuals descend upon Harrow County, making her question if they could be family or enemies. From there, Emmy deals with magical threats at different levels that can alter the fate of Harrow County.

The gothic horror/supernatural comic advertised each new issue with some hauntingly rendered covers. Now, five of those beautiful and bizarre Harrow County covers by Crook are up for auction at Hake’s. Among those lots is Crook’s Harrow County #1 cover original art that features the Tattered Skin – the sentient skin of a boy whom Emmy carries around.

The listings also include the unused cover art for the first issue, the cover of #5 with Emmy and her twin Kammi, the cover of #9 of the Skinless Boy peering through tree branches, and the cover of #22 featuring Bernice Anderson lit by fireflies.

These covers join over 2,000 other lots in Hake’s Auction #230. It is open for bidding at hakes.com now through Wednesday and Thursday, September 23-24, 2020.