Elizabeth Twoyoungmen is a superheroine with magical abilities steeped in spiritual energy. She is a John Byrne creation who debuted in Alpha Flight #5 (December 1983). Born in Calgary, Alberta, Elizabeth is the daughter of Michael Twoyoungmen (aka Shaman, a member of Alpha Flight), though they have been estranged since she was a kid.

An archeology student, she was on an excavation of the original Fort Calgary where she found a skull, and when she touched it, an apparition manifested. Elizabeth was so scared that she sought her father’s help, who she knew to be a Shaman even though he had cast a spell to hide his identity. They investigated the phenomenon together and found that the skull was the source of ancient anger and evil.

Later Elizabeth and Shaman learned about a woman named Emily Strang who was attacked by a mystical force, so the pair sought to help her. They temporarily defeated the manifestation, but it came back and possessed Emily who attacked Elizabeth. Shaman was able to identify it as Ranaq the Devourer, one of the Great Beasts of the North.

As Ranaq attacked Elizabeth she became stronger to the point that she could turn its force against it. Shaman joined the fight, and together they exorcised the beast from Emily. With Shaman’s encouragement she took the Coronet of Enchantment from his mystical medicine pouch and when she put it on her head she became Talisman. She gained the ability to manipulate magical energies and command nature’s spirits. As Talisman, she joined Alpha Flight and then later was in Omega Flight.