Brother Power the Geek is a Frankenstein’s Monster-like figure that Joe Simon created in 1968. The odd character was introduced in his own self-titled series, which lasted a scant two issues.

Like many comic characters, Brother Power had a weird introduction. A group of hippies took refuge in an empty tailor’s shop after they were attacked by Hound Dawg and war hawks. They put wet and bloody clothes on a mannequin to keep them from shrinking, but abandoned the clothes when they left. Months later, the mannequin was struck by lightning and Brother Power was brought to life. He gained durability and strength, ability to absorb electricity, and the power to take superhuman leaps.

Not long after his creation, Brother Power was kidnapped by the Psychedelic Circus. He managed to escape, and another hippie helped him out by giving him a face. Bizarrely, his next move was to run for Congress, which led to joining J.P. Acme Corporation. He was then sent to space by Governor Ronald Reagan to stop Hound Dawg and his gang from sabotaging a rocket and blaming it on hippies.