Terry Sloane was a rich man, a martial arts master, skilled athlete, and genius who became the first character to use the superhero name, Mister Terrific. Created by Charles Reizenstein and Hal Sharp, he was introduced in Sensation Comics #1 (January 1942).

The highly intelligent Terry graduated from college when he was 13 years old and went on to become a successful businessman and leader in his community. One day when he saw a woman jump off a bridge, Terry saved her, then helped her brother who had joined a gang.

It was then that he became Mister Terrific, donning a red and green suit with a gold emblem of his motto, “Fair Play.” Terry used that motto as the basis for the Fair Play Club to combat juvenile delinquency.

Mister Terrific was a regular member of the All-Star Squadron until the team retired in 1951. He was a reserve member of the Justice Society of America for a period, then became a full-fledged member later in battles with the Lawless League and the Black Orb.

On his own he fought villains like Black Barax (a tyrant from the future), Terry Savatte (a kickboxing master), Dr. Laff (who used practical jokes for his crimes), and the Five Geniuses (a group who were criminals to entertain themselves). Mister Terrific died during a battle with the Spirit King, but through scenes in the afterlife and via time travel, he has made several reappearances in comics.

Terry joined his Mister Terrific successor Michael Holt to stop a time traveler who was wreaking havoc on Washington, DC. They teamed up again to stop Per Degaton when he attacked the JSA. He was later reanimated by the Black Lantern Corps in the Blackest Night storyline.