The Egyptian goddess Isis was introduced to the DC universe in 1975 on the TV show, The Secrets of Isis. In the series, Isis was the powerful being that science teacher Andrea Thomas could call upon to give her superstrength and speed, vast wisdom, and telekinesis.

When DC presented their 52 initiative, the character was reintroduced as Adrianna Tomaz (an homage to the original) in 52 #3 (May 2006). Created by Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, and Grant Morrison, Adrianna is an Egyptian woman who is kidnapped, enslaved, and taken to Black Adam as an offering from the organized crime group, Intergang. Black Adam killed the Intergang emissaries and once he freed her, Black Adam found her curiously unafraid of him.

She had strong opinions about the world, and had a positive influence on the way that Black Adam treated others. In recognition of her wise counsel, he took the magical amulet of Isis to Captain Marvel and asked him to imbue her with its power. Captain Marvel agreed to do so, and by holding the amulet and saying, “I am Isis,” Adrianna could transform and gain the goddess’ powers.

Together, Isis and Black Adam traveled throughout the Middle East freeing enslaved children and searching for her brother, Amon, who had also been kidnapped. Their love continued to bloom, and the pair were married by Captain Marvel.

They finally found Amon, who had been tortured for not following Intergang’s religion. Black Adam asked Amon to say his name, and he was struck by Shazam’s lightning to become Osiris. Together they worked to help more people and to change the public’s opinion of the Black Marvels, Isis convinced Black Adam to reveal their secret identities to build trust. Then they stopped Sabbac the demon from sacrificing children to Neron, which improved their standing with the public even more.

Amanda Waller was one person who still didn’t trust the Black Marvels, so she sent the Persuader to attack Isis. Osiris fought Persuader, accidentally killed him, and the news turned the public against them once more. At the Intergang’s behest, Sobek killed Osiris and they joined Doctor Sivana to send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse after Isis and Black Adam. While defending Adam against the Death Horseman, Isis was infected by a disease from Pestilence. As she lay dying and embittered by recent events, Isis asked that he avenge her and Osiris’ deaths. His fury at her murder sent him on a quest for revenge so terrible that it started World War III.