Karolina Dean is a member of the Runaways who can manipulate solar energy, including creating force fields, shooting blasts of light energy, creating bioluminescence, and she’s resistant to heat. Also going by Lucy in the Sky or Princess Justice, she was introduced in Runaways #1 (July 2003) by creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona.

Karolina is the daughter of famous actors Leslie and Frank Dean, and is the only older member of the Runaways who didn’t see her parents murder an innocent girl as a sacrifice. Because of this, she didn’t immediately believe what she was told about her parents. Eventually, the Runaways decided to bring their parents to justice before leaving.

At her family home, they found Karolina’s parents’ will, which bears the same symbol as her medic alert bracelet – which is supposedly for her penicillin allergy. Alex convinced her to take off the bracelet, and Karolina started glowing with a kaleidoscope of light. The group assumed that she must be an alien, which Leslie Dean later confirmed.

Early in The Runaways series, Karolina was insecure about being an alien and for being gay. At one point she was so depressed that she offered to let the vampire Topher kill her. Then a real near death experience changed her perspective on life and she helped the team escape the Gibborim.

Karolina became more comfortable with being an alien and dated Julie Power from Avengers Academy. Her world was rocked when the Skrull Xavin showed up and told her that her parents had arranged for the two of them to be married as a peace pact between the Skrulls and her people, the Majesdanians. She traveled with Xavin back to her home world and learned how to shift between her alien and human forms. Despite the alliance, the Skrulls and Majesdanians started warring again, so Karolina and Xavin fled. Returning to Earth, she rejoined the Runaways and finally stopped the Gibborim.