Since Len Wein and Neal Adams created Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, she has gone through several character changes and reintroductions. Bobbi was introduced in Astonishing Tales #6 (June 1971) and then took on the identity as Mockingbird 40 years ago in Marvel Team-Up #95 (July 1980).

Throughout her career, she has been a member of many teams including SHIELD, Avengers (mainly West Coast Avengers), and AIM, as well as others. As Mockingbird, she is a talented hand to hand fighter, is skilled in espionage, martial arts, gymnastics, she has enhanced agility and strength, and is an expert markswoman.

In Bobbi’s first appearance she seeks Ka-Zar, claiming that she can feel people in her mind, though later stories never mentioned any psychic abilities. Her character started getting developed in Astonishing Tales #8 when her name is given and her hair is recolored to blonde.

A few issues later in #12, Dr. Barbara Morse is working on a research project in the Florida Everglades, attempting to replicate the super-soldier serum that created Captain America. She gets kidnapped by AIM henchmen and is later aided by Man-Thing.

In another early story, she and Dr. Paul Allen let Ka-Zar know that they sought him out in previous stories to help deal with the problems surrounding Man-Thing. The next issue reveals that she has ties to SHIELD who tasked her with pretending to love Paul so they could uncover his activity as a double agent working for AIM.

She was reintroduced as a biologist and SHIELD agent who now goes by Bobbi and works alongside Ka-Zar. They work together on several stories with Bobbi acting as a guide to modern and urban life as they take on threats like Pusher and Gemini.

In Marvel Super Action #1 (January 1976) Bobbi made her first appearance as costumed superheroine and lead protagonist of the story. As a SHIELD operative she investigates corruption in a Latin American branch of the espionage organization. For the mission, she pretends to leave SHIELD and become Huntress, though the story was truncated from a two-parter to one issue.

She started sporting a new costume and finally became Mockingbird in Marvel Team-Up #95 (July 1980). It is revealed that she has been looking into the corruption at SHIELD, but is mistaken as a criminal and becomes a target. Teaming up with Spider-Man and Nick Fury to clear her name, they confront corrupt SHIELD branch director Carl Delanden. The story ends with Bobbi being badly injured, but proven innocent and exonerated.

Her next appearance came in the 1983 Hawkeye miniseries. As Mockingbird investigates corruption at Cross Technological Enterprises, she meets Clint Barton who is the security chief. Despite initial conflict, they end up working together to fight Crossfire and by the end of the series, they are in a whirlwind romance and elope.

This story provided origin information, telling the story of how she joined SHIELD, starting with her biology studies at Georgia Tech and a research project that led to the organization. She and Hawkeye became supporting characters in Avengers in the mid-1980s. Once they reintegrate into the team, Vision suggests the pair start a second Avengers team on the west coast.

West Coast Avengers started as a limited series in ’84 with Mockingbird as a full-fledged member of the Avengers. A year later it became an ongoing series with Mockingbird as one of the leads. They get transported back to the old west where the Phantom Rider abducts, drugs, and brainwashes her. This causes Bobbi to forget her real life and convinces her that she is in love with him and through this manipulation is raped by the Phantom Rider. Once she breaks free of his control, Mockingbird seeks revenge and during a fight allows him to fall over a cliff to his death.

Hawkeye disapproves of her choice to let Phantom Rider die and in response she leaves the team. Mockingbird and other ex-Avengers Tigra and Moon Knight create their own unit. Together they fight the modern Phantom Rider, the High Evolutionary, and Digger. Later Mockingbird and Hawkeye somewhat reconcile and once they learn of the Great Lakes Avengers, they travel to Milwaukee to train the amateur team and work on their relationship.

When the book is retitled Avengers West Coast in 1990, Mockingbird becomes an alternate member of the team. During a mission it is revealed that Bobbi and Clint are divorcing, but after she is kidnapped by Ultron and she gets free, they rekindle their romance. Their reconciliation is brief, however, when Mockingbird sacrifices herself to save him from Mephisto.

After her death, she sends a message from the afterlife in Thunderbolts Annual 2000, which results in Hellcat’s resurrection. In the following Hellcat limited series she is scene fighting countless battles in Hell. A few years later X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl took a different approach to her afterlife, seeing her in Heaven where she’s in a book club with dead Girl and Gwen Stacy.

She returned in the Secret Invasion event, though first she’s revealed to be a Skrull imposter. Later in the series, Iron Man finds a Skrull ship with several people who had been abducted, including the real Mockingbird.

She joins the New Avengers and during The Reunion miniseries she and Clint, now Ronin, team up to defeat AIM Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini. Bobbi reveals that she and other former SHIELD agents that were Skrull abductees have created the World Counter-terrorism Agency. In another New Avengers story she is the only member left standing when a device inhibits their abilities. She single handedly fights the whole Wrecking Crew, defeats them, then returns with a Quinjet to rescue her team. In another story Ronin is captured by the Dark Avengers and Mockingbird leads the rescue mission to free him.

Bobbi gets injured in a shooting when they raid a warehouse that HAMMER is using to reorganize after Norman Osborn was defeated. While she’s in the hospital in critical condition, Nick Fury gives her a serum that is a combination of the Super Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula and recovers quickly.

During the All-New, All-Different storyline she helped Spider-Man combat Zodiac’s Leo Sect.  In her self-titled miniseries, she was invited to a cosplay cruise which was actually a trap that Phantom Rider set to try to win her over. She removes him from his corporeal form and she is rescued by Lance Hunter. In Secret Empire, Mockingbird infiltrated the Underground as Maria Hill’s inside operative when Hydra takes over the US. Recently, in the Iron Man 2020 event, she is a member of Force Works, which takes her on a mission to deal with Deathloks and Ultimo.