June, with its promise of warmth and sunshine, is a popular month for weddings. It’s a time for beautiful outfits and romantic décor infused with excitement and nervous anticipation. And for superhero couples, it’s often the time for villains to start a fight, impersonate the betrothed, and other irritating shenanigans. Even though this is a tradition unto itself, superheroes let love win and continue to marry. Here, we share some memorable superhero weddings (with more to come).

Mister Fantastic & Invisible Girl

Reed Richards and Sue Storm, a couple who was in love before their first appearance in comics, took their trip to the altar in Fantastic Four Annual #3 (October 1965). The all-star guest list included Marvel’s super-teams with the X-Men and Avengers joining the Fantastic Four, along with a mess of villains, including Doctor Doom. It set the bar for future superhero weddings replete with romance, tons of guest stars, and a villain who tries to ruin the big day.

Elasti-Girl & Mento

Doom Patrol #104 (June 1966) presents the wedding of Elasti-Girl and Mento, but not before some cases of mistaken identity. After Elasti-Girl finally decides to marry Mento, both of them and the Doom Patrol are attacked by the Brotherhood of Evil. Because the shapeshifter Madame Rouge was impersonating the parties involved to sow discord, the Chief must intervene to stop Mento and the Doom Patrol from a war with each other. Once they defeat the villains, Elasti-Girl and Mento exchange vows with the Justice League and Teen Titans as guests.

Atom & Jean Loring

Justice League of America #157 (August 1978) saw the wedding of Ray Palmer/the Atom and Jean Loring. When they got engaged, Ray still hadn’t told Jean that he was the Atom, and chose to reveal his superpowers on the day before the wedding. Both processed the situation with their friends and Jean decided to go through with the wedding. It was not one to last, ending in divorce and the shocking murder of Sue Dibny at Jean’s hands.

Superman & Lois Lane

Perhaps the most famous comic book couple, the Man of Steel and the World’s Most Famous Reporter were married in Superman: The Wedding Album (December 1996). It took a long time for Clark Kent and Lois Lane to get married, considering how long they had been together in comics. Unlike most superhero wedding issues, this one was focused completely on the wedding without an attack by Superman’s gallery of villains.

Meggan & Captain Britain

When Meggan and Captain Britain got married in Excalibur #125 (October 1998), it was a bittersweet occasion. The final issue in the series, it saw the end of the team with Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Shadowcat returning to the X-Men. Still, Captain Britain and Meggan solidified their union with friends in attendance, including Captain America, Spider-Man, and Psylock.

Black Panther & Storm

Another pairing of Marvel’s powerful heroes came in Black Panther Vol. 4 #18 (September 2006) when T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, and Ororo, the weather manipulating Storm, exchanged vows. It happened during The Civil War storyline, so there was an unfortunate conflict between Captain America and Iron Man at the wedding. Still, it offered some hope in the midst of such turmoil, and excitement that two venerable heroes were jumping the broom.

Green Arrow & Black Canary

Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special #1 (November 2007) presented the nuptials of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. While several comic book relationships are sweet and often chaste, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance keep things sexy and challenge each other. The Archer and Pretty Bird finally took their on again/off again relationship to the next level, complete with villain attacks, a fake Ollie, and all the big star guests.

Hulkling & Wiccan

In the midst of intergalactic chaos, Teddy Altman/Hulkling and Billy Kaplan/Wiccan were wed in Empyre #4 (August 2020). The ceremony was revealed in a flashback that showed a hasty wedding before Hulkling had to leave to join the Alliance in space. Separated by threats on multiple fronts, Wiccan discovered that an imposter was in Hulkling’s place. Using their bond to teleport to Hulkling, Wiccan helped confront the imposter and later the pair would have a wedding in Empyre Aftermath: Avengers #1 (September 2020).

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