Warm weather brings out the weddings and the villains – at least at superhero weddings. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been diving into some of the memorable weddings in superhero comics from the long awaited nuptials to the surprise ceremonies. Here we present the third and final round (for now) of popular superhero weddings.

The Flash/Barry Allen & Iris West

Barry Allen and Iris West, a quintessential DC couple, got married in The Flash #165 (November 1966). Standing as one of the most important issues of the title, their wedding gets complicated when the Reverse Flash swaps places with Barry and tries to marry Iris. But, his nefarious plot at a non-consensual union doesn’t work, and the real Barry is the one to say “I do” to his beloved Iris.

Janet van Dyne & Hank Pym

Avengers #60 (January 1969) presented the wedding of Janet van Dyne and Hank Pym, which happened in a strange way. Hank had been affected by untested chemicals and when he temporarily became Yellowjacket, he kidnapped Janet. After he kissed her, Janet realized he was Hank and told the skeptical Avengers that she was going to marry him. Following a wedding, an attack, and the reemergence of Hank’s personality, the story had a more realistic ending.

Adam Strange & Alanna

The wedding of Adam Strange and Alanna in Justice League of America #121 (August 1975) started off, well, strangely. Adam calls the Justice League to Rann and tells them that Alanna has been vaporized. With the Justice League’s help, Adam is able to defeat the villain Kanjar Ro and Alanna reappeared. After Alanna slugs Kanjar Ro herself, she and Adam Strange tie the knot with the Justice League as witnesses. 

Spider-Man & Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, the cutest high school couple in comics, tied the knot in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 (September 1987). Several of Spidey’s villains tried to take him out before the big day, but the hero emerged victorious and unscathed. The wedding itself was not crashed by villains; instead, the comic showed what the couple worried about for their potential future. They overcame their doubts and Peter Parker hit the jackpot and married his dream girl.

Apollo & Midnighter

The Authority #29 (July 2002) presented the wedding of Apollo & Midnighter at the conclusion of the comic’s first volume. By the last issue of the “New World Order” storyline, Midnighter was near dead when the team neutralized Seth Cowie. Once the Doctor was able to revive Midnighter, he and Apollo pledged their love to each other in a ceremony witnessed by teammates, family, and friends.

Archie & Betty or Archie & Veronica

It’s hard to imagine a better known comic book love triangle than Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. And though they aren’t superheroes, the “what if” wedding scenarios in Archie #600-606 (October 2009-April 2010) are memorable. The comic celebrated reaching the comic’s milestone 600th issue by presenting two possible futures: what would happen if Archie married the rich girl Veronica or Betty, the girl next door. In the end, neither marriage happened, but it did fulfill readers’ desire to see what could happen if Archie married either of the girls.

Deadpool & Shiklah

Deadpool comics are funny and outlandish by their nature, but when Deadpool and Shiklah got married, it was actually really sweet. The event took place in Deadpool #27 (April 2014) following events in the Deadpool: Gauntlet webcomic when DP and Shiklah fell in love. Deadpool is clearly smitten when he introduces his terrifying bride to his friends and the wedding went smoothly. Even the rain wouldn’t ruin the day with a little help from Thor.

Ben Grimm & Alicia Masters

With years and years of anticipation built up, Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters exchanged vows in Fantastic Four Vol. 6 #5 (December 2018). In an issue that Marvel promised would not have a bait and switch, be a dream or hoax, and have no Skrulls in sight, it was all about the wedding. The issue presented a story from when they were dating, a bachelor party thrown by Johnny Storm, and a special ceremony with family and friends.

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