In the Limelight

Each year when The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is published, readers have the opportunity to choose from multiple covers and editions. One of the popular, though very limited, options is the Hero Initiative edition. To provide readers with more details on the exclusive edition, Gemstone Vice-President of Publishing J.C. Vaughn discussed it with Scoop.

Scoop: What is the Hero edition of the Guide?
J.C. Vaughn (JCV):
The Hero Initiative exclusive edition of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is limited to 500 hardcover copies, no softcover, which are available exclusively from the Hero Initiative and a select group of Hero-supporting retailers. We provide these to Hero at no cost, so they get the full benefit of every copy they sell. We do not sell this edition of the book.

Scoop: How was the Hero edition of the Guide created?
About five years before the first one (CBPG #40) was released, it all started with a “What if…?” conversation between Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin and me. In the end, when it did happen, it happened suddenly, and everyone from the printer on down got behind the project. This year is our 11th edition with a Hero Initiative exclusive version.

Scoop: How does this version differ from the regular edition of the Guide?
It doesn’t except that it’s limited to 500 hardcover copies.

Scoop: What is the process for choosing cover artists on the special Hero edition?
Each year by the time the Guide is released, we’re already well underway with the next year’s edition. Being such a limited edition, the Hero cover gig is a spot of honor among the artists who have done it, and many of them take that very seriously. I have a long-running, ongoing conversation with Jim McLauchlin, and frequently Gemstone’s Creative Director, Mark Huesman, kicks in his two cents as well.

Scoop: Where can readers purchase copies of the Hero edition?
Normally, the best way to get a copy is to purchase it directly from the Hero Initiative at one of the conventions they attend, but since this is 2020, that’s not part of the equation. It is available for purchase on the Hero Initiative webstore, on their eBay store, and on the Hero Initiative store on the Graham Crackers website. For those in Canada, it’s available from The Dragon and Paradise Comics.