TwoMorrows Publishing’s American Comic Book Chronicles series is a valuable resource for fans and comics historians, with in-depth coverage of each decade of comics history. By 2020, eight volumes, spanning from the 1940s to the 1990s, will have been published.

Author-editor Keith Dallas’ 1980s volume has been sold out for several years, with copies currently going for hundreds of dollars each on the resale market. Now, TwoMorrows Publishing has launched a Kickstarter to publish a new edition of the 1980s volume, so fans who missed it can fill the hole on their bookshelf, and new readers can get a complete set.

If this Kickstarter is successfully funded, this new and improved 1980s edition will be published in February 2020 (just prior to the release of the upcoming 1945-1949 volume). It will have text corrections, even better binding, and enhanced cover durability.

Pledging a little more gets bidders thier choice of additional ACBC volumes from the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, or ’90s at a nice discount. Additional books by ACBC authors Keith Dallas and John Wells are available at huge discounts when you pledge at least $40. At the highest pledge levels, bidders receive the full set in print or digital form, including the new 1940-1944 volume, and next year’s 1945-1949 volume. 

The Kickstarter is open now through August 9, 2019.