The 2020 edition of Awesome Games Done Quick did more than just set a few new speedrun records in video games – it also set a new record for money raised for charity, bringing in $3.13 million over the course of the week.

The Games Done Quick (GDQ) marathons are biannual, week-long events in which video games are speedrun for charity; speedrunning is the act of trying to complete a video game as quickly as possible, often using methods in-game to take advantage of the game’s code in order to skip massive portions of the story, go out of bounds, exploit programming bugs, and so on. GDQ events have, over the last decade, raised more than $25 million total for various charities.

The Awesome Games Done Quick marathon is typically held in January, and benefits the Prevent Canter Foundation. The second yearly event, Summer Games Done Quick, benefits Doctors Without Borders.

AGDQ 2020 raised a grand total of $3,133,898, more than $700,000 higher than last year’s AGDQ, and besting Summer Games Done Quick 2019 by about $100,000. The total comes from more than 54,000 individual donations made over the course of the week.

A complete collection of the speedruns from AGDQ 2020 can be found online.