Legendary Comics announced the new original graphic novel, The Science of Ghosts, written by Lilah Sturges (Jack of Fables) with art by Alitha E. Martinez (Black Panther: World of Wakanda). It will be in stores in the summer of 2021.

The Science of Ghosts tells the story of Joy Ravenna, a transgender parapsychologist who is about to lose a research grant that would jeopardize her academic future. A wealthy young heiress contacts Joy, claiming that she encountered malevolent paranormal activity at the family’s estate. Joy, who is well versed in the afterlife’s mysteries, investigates the situation. But, Joy also faces personal challenges, like her first post-transition relationship with her new girlfriend, a hostile ex-wife, and clues to a murder long forgotten.

“Having been a fan of Lilah and Alitha for so long, I am honored to be able to work with them on The Science of Ghosts,” said Jann Jones, the graphic novel’s editor for Legendary Comics. “Watching this come to life has been amazing, and I am very proud of this book. Authentic representation is important, and the world needs more characters like Joy and Cat.”

The Science of Ghosts brings together so many things that fascinate me: psychology, dream logic, the symbolism of ghost narratives, and... queer love stories,” said Sturges. “It is certainly a horror story: it’s chock-a-block with dark basements, abandoned hotels and ghosts a plenty. And it’s also a murder mystery: twists and turns and clues and secrets abound. But to my mind, it’s the romance that makes it special, and it’s of a kind that we rarely get to see in mainstream comics: two queer women who adore each other and whose existences are not a jumping-off point for tragedy. Getting to write a trans woman protagonist who loves and is loved, who is defined by what she strives for and how she loves rather than the fact of her transness, has been one of the great joys of my career. She is informed by being trans but she isn’t defined by it. And did I mention the ghosts? And the murder? And the romance?”

“I’m very much enjoying the worldbuilding and getting to know the characters that Lilah created,” said Martinez. “Illustrating new books provide their own unique challenges, and I love a challenge.”