James Bond is returning to comic form for 007 by writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) and artist Marco Finnegan. It will be in comic shops in August 2022.

Bond becomes tangled in a conspiracy with double agents, assassins, old flames, and intrigue. He gets outplayed on a Russian excursion and must eliminate an asset that he was sent to extract. Then a confrontation with his enemies leaves Bond with many questions about their high-tech gadgets, American accents, and the fact that they seem to know so much more than him. He gets a message from former agent/mentor/old flame Gwendolyn Gann who needs his help, and now he must question her connection to the new player known as Myrmidon.

“Contributing to the generations-long saga of James Bond is a great honor and a ton of fun,” Johnson said. “Marco and I are going to give readers all the things that make them love Bond – the action and physicality, the tech, the sense of style, the inherent coolness in Bond’s every word and action – but we’re also bringing some things they haven’t seen before. We’ve seen plenty of Special Agent James Bond, but we don’t often see much spycraft in what he does. That’s an element that sometimes gets lost, and I want to bring it back without giving up the car chases or bone-crunching action. We’re also introducing some characters that I’m super excited for readers to meet… characters who put some intriguing new spins on readers’ expectations.”

007 will feature covers by Tommy Lee Edwards, Marc Aspinall, Soo Lee, and returning Bond artist Marc Laming.