Everyone’s favorite teenage witch is about to meet her nemesis. Archie Comics will introduce Sabrina Spellman’s antagonist, Amber Whitestone, an evil witch who was born at the exact same time as Sabrina. Archie mainstay Dan Parent will write her debut in the one-shot comic, Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1.

“The creation of Amber Nightstone is super fun because believe it or not, in Sabrina’s 60-year history, she’s never had a true nemesis,” Parent said. “Sure, she’s had her adversaries in the past, but Amber is basically the evil version of Sabrina. And Amber is tired of being cast aside and wants her time in the limelight. So now as Sabrina turns 60, we enter a whole new realm of fun!”

“I started referring to her as ‘Dark Sabrina,’ and that’s where the thinking was originally,” Archie Editor-In-Chief Mike Pellerito said. “Sabrina has a great cast of characters in the comics but didn’t have a magical teen rival until now. That’s how I think of the cast of characters: Is there a way to challenge something established? Do we need someone who can do something different and give us some fun story points? Having Dan Parent on this kind of thing is great; he’s a (not so) secret weapon!”

Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 will be in comic shops on September 7, 2022.