Because COVID-19 has caused a major disruption in new comic books, for the next few weeks Scoop will reexamine issues, runs, trades, and titles that are already available. We’ll take a look at perennial classics, current titles we are enjoying, significant runs, and our overall favorite books to suggest some new reading material or inspire fellow comic fans to dust off the old favorites. And if you live near a comic shop that’s still open during this time, we hope our suggestions will prompt you to check out their back issue and collected edition inventory.

Castle: Richard Castle’s Storm Season
Marvel; $9.99 

Derrick Storm is back and better than ever! In the sequel to the critically acclaimed, Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm, the private eye is hired to help a wealthy woman get back the money she lost to a con artist. But what should have been a routine mission quickly spirals out of control when the con artist reaches out to Storm seeking his help finding a missing woman. 

Plagued by a recording of the victim’s helpless screams, Storm – despite an ominous warning – investigates. Through his investigation, Storm discovers an international conspiracy reaching further than he ever imagined – perhaps all the way to Clara Strike, a CIA agent the world thinks is dead! This thrill ride of a story has one shocking twist after the next for a read that is anythign but boring. 

Eisner-winning Brian Michael Bendis and Osborn’s Kelly Sue DeConnick reunite for their second Castle story, joined by dynamic artist Emanuela Lupacchino (Wonder Woman). Inspired by the hit ABC series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, the series perfectly captures the smart mouth attitude of Richard Castle’s creation and lifts him to graphic novel greatness. 

Braelynn Bowersox