Yen Press; $30

Shoutarou has been living the lazy life of a young adult, but perhaps to a bit of an extreme, as he hasn’t left the house in several months. After his parents tell him they’re not going to float him anymore, he manages to get a part-time job, where his boss happens to be a manga artist… who also happens to be using Shoutarou as his new muse.

This omnibus edition collects the three volumes of the original release into a single volume. While it’s nice to have the complete story in a single book, the thickness of this in particular made it (in my opinion) extremely difficult and uncomfortable to read at times. The story is worth checking out, though – it’s cute, funny, and relatable – and I enjoy the artwork quite a bit as well. This edition has a few full-color pages throughout in order to help divide up the black-and-white manga artwork. It’s a fine collection, but if you’re not a fan of chunky omnibus editions already, maybe look into alternative methods of checking out this story.

-Carrie Wood