KaBOOM!; $14.99 

After securing a new job at Radvertising, Rocko quickly finds himself in over his head. As it turns out learning the “happs with the apps” to fit into the digital age is easier said than done. Luckily for Rocko, he has the key to internet fame waiting for him at home...his dog Spunky! 

All it takes is one hilarious picture of Spunkly clad in Rocko’s underwear and sunglasses, for the adorable pup to go viral. But as quickly as his star rises, the wallaby soon finds himself dog-less, fame-less and phone-less! In another story, Rocko starts a new job at Conglom-O, fielding calls from owners complaining about their Pi-Hole device. Rocko takes it upon himself to investigate these claims and what he finds lurking in the shadows shocks him to his very core. Now, tossed in the O-Town Insane Asylum, Rocko must come up with a plan to warn everyone about the dangers of Conglom-O. But is he already too late? 

Writer Ryan Ferrier brings to life the all too real dangers of social media and technology, with just enough comedic relief that I was able to keep reading without being terrified. Meanwhile the cartoonish art by Ian McGinty lifts the entire collection of issues 5-8, right off the page. 

Braelynn Bowersox