Marvel; $3.99

Captain America, Bucky, and Jim Hammond have been attempting to figure out what, exactly, has been going on with Namor. And Namor has always been a bit of a complicated guy, to say the least. But they’ve found a connection to his past that may uncover the meaning behind his recent actions. Cap is treated to the history of Namor after the war, including his time as an amnesiac and his encounter with a youthfully arrogant Charles Xavier.

This issue provides a solid look into the history of one of Marvel’s most complicated characters. Namor hasn’t always been a hero, nor has he always been quite so antagonistic. To have a good character study like this, one that examines how so many people had failed him over the years, makes for just a really good comic book. The Invaders series so far is a cool throwback to one of the oldest team-ups in Marvel history, and it’s a book that even the newest Marvel fan should be able to get into.

-Carrie Wood