BOOM!; $3.99

Go Go Power Rangers #21 is an emotional issue for the superhero teens. The Tommy-centric issue opens with Kim and Tommy going on their awkward first date, then flashes forward to when he is losing power as the Green Ranger. Tommy seems to be handling the loss of abilities well, but some of his teammates doubt that he’s being honest with them. Elsewhere, Lord Zedd is feeling confident since Tommy has lost his powers and is hatching plans to rob other Power Rangers of theirs as well.

This issue shows the cute side of a first date as Kim and Tommy try to be cool but end up acting weird instead. The team tries to support Tommy through the loss of his powers, especially when a new fight begins, but it’s a challenge that he must wrestle with on his own. It’s the kind of story that does well in Go Go Power Rangers, that gives a more emotional story focused on the teens and how they deal with being the Power Rangers.

-Amanda Sheriff