KaBOOM!; $74.99

When they say all-in-one they mean business! This one-of-a-kind collection brings together over 30 stories set in Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning series Steven Universe. With over 500 pages of content, this hardcover book collects three different Steven Universe series, including a short by series creator Rebecca Sugar and storyboard artist Lamar Abrams, and is a perfect collectors item for long-time fans or new readers alike. 

Steven Universe centers around the titular hero, a young boy living with magical, humanoid aliens Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. These powerful alien warriors make up the Crystal Gems, of which Steven is half-Gem. Defending Beach City and planet earth from evil, no one loves deeper or fights harder than Steven. Packed within this mammoth hardcover is numerous adventures of Steven and his friends helping the Gems protect the world from their own kind. This includes Steven Universe (2014) #1-8, Steven Universe & The Crystal Gems #1-4, and Steven Universe (2017) #1-12.

Featured within this collection is the literary and artistic talents of Jeremy Sorese, Josceline Fenton, Melanie Gillman, Grace Kraft, Coleman Engle, Lamar Abrams, Chrystin Garland, Katy Farina, Rii Abrego, Leigh Luna, Whitney Cogar and Jim Campbell, among others. 

Braelynn Bowersox