Marvel; $3.99

Thanks to her chrome finish and flowing cape, Captain Phasma quickly became a favorite character in the most recent trilogy of Star Wars films. In this Age of Resistance issue, readers learn about how Phasma treats the troopers under her command through the eyes of one such trooper, KM-8713. KM admires and aspires to be like Phasma, but struggles with balancing her desires to lead with her innate compassion for her fellow soldier.

Phasma has been one of my favorite Star Wars characters based entirely on how cool she looks since she first showed up in that teaser trailer for The Force Awakens. I really enjoyed how the recent Captain Phasma comic miniseries expanded on her characterization, and this one-shot continues to do that as well. Beneath that shiny exterior is a cold and calculating warrior, and that personality on top of her objectively very cool character design makes this a compelling pickup for any Star Wars fan.

-Carrie Wood