Dynamite; $3.99

Elvira and Glenn, her mysterious traveling companion, have made it through several hellish scenarios and arrived at Lucifer’s door. Elvira gets to make her case for a return to Earth, since she’s alive and was sent to Hell by accident. During said case-making, Elvira, Glenn, and Lucifer (who switches personas quite frequently) recount much of what Elvira has gone through thus far that summarizes the full eight-issue time warp.

Things are wrapped up well in Elvira #8 with a few last minute jolts, one or two jokes, and the all important life lesson. Once again, David Avallone slipped in a few comical pop culture references and one funny cameo that totally fit the story. Despite being set in Hell, this arc of the comic was pretty amusing with clever versions of torture that are realistic without needing an R-rating.

Dave Acosta and Walter Pereyra did a great job on the art and colors, respectively, blending the horror setting with good comedy. It’s creative and detailed with lots of great expressions that enhance the story.

-Amanda Sheriff