BOOM!; $3.99

With just a few days left before the end of their final semester together, Esther, Susan and Daisy are doing the best they can to just get to the finish line. Daisy’s been falling apart due to some pranks by the underclassmen in her dorm seemingly dedicated to targeting her specifically, and after taking more than the recommended dosage of some caffeine pills she ends up going off the deep end. Assisted by Esther and Susan, Daisy ends up figuring out what her tormentor’s next target is – the smash dance.

Giant Days is reaching its conclusion in just a few months, and while the story seems to be winding down accordingly, it’s been able to maintain its usual humor along the way. I’ll miss Esther, Susan and Daisy once their story ends, but for the time being, I’m going to keep going along for the ride for the sake of seeing how everything wraps up.

-Carrie Wood