Marvel; $4.99

Spider-Man has seen more than his fair share of interesting battles over the years, and this issue collects two such tales. In one, Spidey faces off against Firebrand, who is trying to track down his ex-wife, ending up badly burned in the process. After getting a slick new suit courtesy of the Fantastic Four, he manages to save the day, though the suit comes with its own share of problems. In the other tale, he meets another Peter who’s in a shockingly familiar situation, but without any of Parker’s powers.

One might think that after so many years, Marvel would run out of interesting and entertaining Spider-Man stories to tell. That’s hardly been the case, of course, and this issue goes to show it. With two absolute home run tales here (with one including the original pitch that Randy Schueller had made back in the 1980s), this is a must-read for any Spider-Man fan.

-Carrie Wood