DC; $3.99

The new six-issue miniseries, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, picks up after the events of Heroes in Crisis. Ivy has been resurrected and Harley is making it her mission to be caretaker as Ivy continues to heal. As she’s struggling to stabilize, Ivy receives a package from Lex Luthor with some special ingredients. With Ivy on the mend, Harley suggests that it’s time for them to go legit and become heroes. That’s about the time that things start going wrong.

Jody Houser is behind the wheel of this series and so far is doing a great job. The first issue provides solid groundwork for the premise in a concise manner that keeps the story moving. Houser’s sense of humor is on display through Harley’s dialogue and inner monologue, which gives the issue some punch without being distracting.

The art team of Adriana Melo, Mark Morales, and Hi-Fi do a beautiful job of presenting the comic. The cute and sweet moments down to the dire ones come through with crisp detail and vibrant colors. It’s also stylistically fresh from beginning to end.

-Amanda Sheriff