Marvel; $3.99

Matt Murdock may have given up the suit, but he can’t stop being Daredevil. Continuing to put himself in harm’s way, he’s determined to help the people of the city who he believes need his help. While he struggles to find his place in the world and what it means to be Matt Murdock, his old pal Spider-Man runs into a certain detective, and the Kingpin and the Owl butt heads elsewhere.

This particular run of Daredevil has been heavy-handed on the personal drama as Matt continues to deal with his specific flavor of Catholic guilt. But having Spider-Man come in for his own brand of quippy humor helps lighten up this issue quite a bit without being a total tonal shift. I’ve enjoyed this Daredevil run a lot so far, and this is the start of a new story arc – so it’s a good time to start reading if you haven’t been already.

-Carrie Wood