IDW; $3.99

The often lighter Star Wars Adventures comic takes a darker turn in Return to Vader’s Castle #1. Set on Mustafar, one of Vader’s minions is about to torture a captive, but first decides to tell a story. The tale takes place on a dangerous planet called Lotho Minor where a group of salvagers are trying to win space on a ship’s crew by surviving a night in a labyrinth. What they don’t know, is that the dark caves are home to a dangerous, frightening individual.

This story by Cavan Scott was quite entertaining with suspense and a scary theme in time for the month of October. The art was provided by Francesco Francavilla and Megan Levens and colors by Francavilla and Charlie Kirchoff. Francavilla opens and closes the issue with beautiful EC style art and the awesome contrast between darkness and light colors. Levens’ art is in line with the larger Star Wars Adventures line but smoothly pushes to sci-fi horror when needed.

-Amanda Sheriff