Valiant; $3.99

In the previous issue, Livewire saved a party from attack, Councilman Wright sued the government for their treatment of psiots, and Gwen stole paperwork from Senator McCoy’s home. Livewire #12 provides the resolutions to those situations as public opinion begins to sway in favor of psiot rights and some form of understanding where Livewire is concerned.

This arc wraps up in this issue written by Vita Ayala. It continues to follow the series theme as Livewire tries to reconcile her need to protect psiots with the lengths she has gone to in pursuit of that goal. Wright also has a secret that doesn’t sit well with Livewire, which forces her to consider how different or similar they are to each other.

The political intrigue and more questions posed in this arc were thought provoking and entertaining. It was a good story for comic readers who like to see the more personal side of superpowered characters.

-Amanda Sheriff